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Tyler Ransom Releases Stunning New Album ‘Outta Sight Outta Mind’

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Tyler Ransom is one of the most talented young men we at JW have come across this year.

At just twenty-one years of age, Tyler Ransom has already demonstrated the melodic mastery of an artist twice his age. Inspired by everything from adventurous jazz to the poetic lyricism of Bob Dylan and John Mayer, he has created an evocative sound that resists easy categorization. With the release of his full length album ‘Outta Sight Outta Mind,’ he has established himself as an exceptionally promising young voice with a vital story to tell.

Halfway through the stand-out track ‘Think Of Her,’ Tyler’s atmospheric indie-pop production is totally transformed by a euphoric saxophone solo. It is a moment that perfectly captures his unique approach, balancing carefully crafted compositions with moments of pure spontaneity. Later on, with a brilliant chord progression and an impassioned vocal delivery, ‘Afloat’ provides another album highlight.

From the laidback funk of ‘Anymore’ to the moody ruinations of ‘Sequoia Trees,’ every one of these tracks takes on a distinctive personality of its own. He is an exceptional instrumentalist, as demonstrated by the guitar driven closing track ‘Outta Mind.’ By its closing notes, listeners will be eager to start again from the beginning and experience the journey of ‘Outta Sight Outta Mind’ all over again.

‘Outta Sight Outta Mind’ is available everywhere now

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Social: @SoulfulPlaying @Tyler Ransom

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