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The Groove Project - To Be A Bird

Led by Grammy nominated Arun Shenoy, The Groove Project is a musical supergroup that lives up to its name. The band's newest singles, 'To Be A Bird,' and 'First Flight' are masterclasses in instrumental virtuosity, effortlessly blending funk, rock, and jazz into a soaring meditation on man's fascination with flight.

Saxophonist Marcus Mitchell takes the spotlight early in 'To Be A Bird,' establishing the tune's melody over a wall of percussive and funky electric guitar rhythms. As the key changes and a slap bass emerges, the listener can almost feel themselves plummeting through the air like the namesake of the tune. The consistent motion keeps things interesting and engaging throughout.

On their second single, 'First Flight,' the band shifts into a lovely and atmospheric smooth jazz jam. The rhythm section is completely locked in, giving the vocalist and keyboardist room to breath. The real highlight of this one is the extended guitar solo, which recalls the great fusion players with its beautiful and piercing tone. The level of musicianship from every member here is astounding, and should appeal to jazz enthusiasts and casual fans alike.

For more info on The Groove Project, visit : The Groove Project

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