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The Groove Project - Never Touch The Ground

With their fusion of jazz, rock, and funk, The Groove Project make tracks that stand head and shoulders above their peers in the crowded field of instrumental music. With their newest single "Never Touch The Ground," the supergroup lives up to their reputation, stacking sky high melodies on a firm funky foundation.

Recalling the glory days of instrumental rock, 'Never Touch The Ground' starts out with a high flying saxophone melody before giving way to a an explorative guitar solo. Every instrumentalist handles their time in the spotlight brilliantly before allowing another member of the group to shine. The true strength of the group comes from each player's selfless devotion to supporting their bandmates by playing exactly the right part. Each player picks up where the other left off - a languid piano solo smoothly transitions into a blistering fusion guitar lead, before allowing the sax to tie the whole thing together with its hooky main melody.

With their obvious camaraderie and shared sense of melody, it's no wonder The Groove Project are winning the hears of music fans everywhere.

"Never Touch The Ground"

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