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Susan Waters' Rivers in the Desert is an elegant plea for hope

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Susan Waters’ songs are informed by the wisdom and confidence of a fully lived life. Once an award winning songwriter, she put her burgeoning career on hold to raise a family and embrace the joys of home life, but music has never been far from her mind. Now, after several years of putting her dreams on hold, she has reemerged with an emotionally stirring collection of adventurous folk/pop gems. The first of those is her new single ‘Rivers in the Desert.’

‘Rivers in the Desert’ plays out as an elegant metaphor for hope when all seems lost. Over an evocative soundscape, she muses on faith and perseverance, detailing her struggle to stay optimistic in the face of constant turbulence. It all leads up to a moment of catharsis in the memorable chorus, in which she repeats the mantra “There’s gonna be a brighter day.” It is a touching and reassuring message from an artist with a gift for storytelling.

Check out the lyric video here:

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