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Storängen - The Pinnacle

Swedish singer/songwriter Storängen collects the best elements of the 2010's indie folk boom and uses them to make music that is forward thinking yet timeless. His latest single 'The Pinnacle' is a contemplative song that finds beauty in the passing of time.

"Death is the only thing that scares me more than life, but that was not the case just a few years back," he sings over a gentle bed of acoustic guitars. Storängen's lyrics are rife with thoughts of the inevitable end of life, but he never succumbs to moribund cliche. Instead his uplifting melodies manage to convey a feeling of hope and comfort in the face of struggle.

With his subtly manipulated vocals and warbling synth background, Storängen calls to mind the recent work of fellow indie troubadour Bon Iver, but with 'The Pinnacle' he shows himself to be an artist with his own vision of beauty. Thoughtful and open hearted, Storängen is an artist that will appeal to indie folk fans everywhere.

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