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Stan Lassiter - Russian Dragon

Nashville guitarist Stan Lassiter's mystical guitar styles defy easy categorization. Taking elements of prog, jazz, and classical and reinventing them in his own image, he is one of very few modern guitarists to have such a unique individual style. On the stellar "Russian Dragon," he shows why he is considered to be one of Nashville's foremost guitar talents.

Over the course of its seven minute run time, Russian Dragon takes listeners on a multi genre journey. Building off a psychedelic drum groove, he opens with a fusion inspired solo full of wailing long notes and blistering fast passages, showing his impeccable sense of melodic phrasing. As a series of acoustic arpeggios starts to make its way into the mix, the track takes a left turn, with mysterious harmonies guided along by a sinister bluesy bass line. Stan's guitar reaches new heights as the track reaches a crescendo before giving way to a gentle acoustic outro, bringing the tune to a satisfying conclusion, giving fans of innovative guitar playing everything they want and more

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