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Sam Sims Announces New EP ‘Natural State’

The latest from the acclaimed troubadour balances laidback vibes and urgent ecological themes.

Sam Sims’ gift for heartfelt acoustic storytelling has earned him a devoted fanbase, performances across the continent, and even an opening slot for the legendary Wailers. On his latest EP, he embraces what he does best, resulting in a touching collection of EP’s that is as relaxing as it is urgent.

“We could respect ocean life, Mother Earth, and keep the planet alive,” Sam sings on the unsubtle ‘Respect The Ocean.’ It is a direct yet powerful message, considering the climate catastrophe is at the forefront of so many minds. And yet, there is no despair in his voice, just a passionate plea to begin making things better before it is too late.

Sam shows his romantic side on the harmonica-laden ‘Sigh.’ Its poetic imagery and warm melody will encourage listeners to let go of their worries, if only for a few minutes.

Sam ends things beautifully with the plaintive ‘Like There’s No Tomorrow.’ These three songs perfectly demonstrate why his music has found such a receptive audience. They will be appreciated by fans of open hearted singer/songwriters everywhere.

‘Natural State’ is available everywhere May, 24, 2022


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