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Rico Sixx Is The Explosive Voice Of A New Generation

Both sonically and visually, Rico Sixx is nearly impossible to ignore. The young Brazilian has recently begun to emerge from his humble roots as a vagrant skateboarder to become one of the voices of a new, politically furious generation. His new EP captures the rebellious energy and righteous indignation that has propelled his young career to viral success and more.

Crazy,’ the first single from ‘Desire,’ was also the first of Rico’s songs to gain mass attention. The accompanying video, complete with images of flag burning and police violence, established Rico as a fearless artist. It amassed over 10K views almost immediately after being released.

Every song on the upcoming ‘Desire’ bursts with similar energy. Rico draws freely from punk, metal, and hip hop to create a violent yet strangely compelling sound that demands your immediate attention. Now that he has found his footing in the music world, Rico Sixx is on track to become a true threat to the status quo and make a meaningful impact on the international underground scene.

‘Desire’ is available everywhere September 25, 2020


IG: @1ricosixx

Twitter: @1ricosixx

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