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Rich Allen Announces New Single ‘Lily Flower’

The latest from the genre-defying singer/songwriter is a down-and-dirty travelogue, full of memorable hooks and attention-commanding guitar work.

‘Lily Flower’ is the third single of Rich Allen’s increasingly impressive discography. His charismatic vocals are backed by a dynamic horn section, paying homage to 70’s blues and soul but with a distinctly modern touch. ‘Lily Flower’ perfectly encapsulates everything that makes him special.

Rich’s commanding voice dominates this track, as he delivers his lovelorn message with biblical force. Emily Coomber provides gospel-infused background vocals, while co-producer Charles Connelly’s brilliant mix lifts Rich’s instrumental prowess to new heights. It is a song that will appeal to any fans of classic singer/songwriter material with a vintage vibe.

‘Lily Flower’ is available everywhere Aug. 12

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