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Recwall - Let It Breathe

Recwall, the solo project of grunge survivor Robert Emmet Christopher Wall, is keeping the spirit of the nineties alive well into the 21st century. Rather than chasing trends, he digs in his heels to deliver the kind of melodic hard rock a certain strand of music fans are consistently longing for. On his third album, "432 Hz," Recwall adds an experimental edge to his hook heavy songwriting, best exemplified on standout track "Let It Breathe."

With its propulsive rhythm and grinding bass line, "Let It Breathe" manages to be both heavy and laid back at the same time. The star of the show is Wall's vocal performance, evoking the ghost of Chris Cornell with evocative and powerful lyricism. And while Recwall certainly harkens back to a different time, the production is forward thinking enough to welcome in a new generation of fans. A must listen for hard rock enthusiasts.

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