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P. W3SH's 'All I Know' is a stunning mix of Afro-pop and hip hop

Kenyan born, German based artist P. W3SH has been making a name for himself in the international music scene with a dynamic blend of hip hop, dancehall, and Afro-pop. His newest single, released on WA.AN music, is his best to date, capturing all the elements that make him such a promising artist.

P. W3SH immediately grabs the listener’s attention with his charismatic vocal performance. Over an eccentric Afro-beat backdrop, he alternates between rapping and singing, delivering a nonstop series of quotable lyrics.

“No I ain’t gonna sell my soul,” he immediately repeats on the song’s memorable chorus. It is the perfect mantra for an artist who refuses to follow trends, choosing instead to reinvent hip hop tradition in his own image.

‘All I Know,’ is the second single from the upcoming EP ‘Spoiler Alert.’ Packed with the genre blending sound that P. W3SH is known for, it is guaranteed to appeal to fans of boundary pushing hip hop around the globe.

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