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N3UR0 - Voodoo Disciple

The newest track from electronic producer N3UR0 forces together two disparate yet strangely complimentary worlds - Opening with a futuristic arpeggiator, he builds a dreamy soundscape of woozy synths before taking an abrupt left turn into abrasive industrial rage.

This mish-mash of styles works so well because of the artists attention to detail and gift for atmospherics. The first section of the song is so all enveloping that it lulls the listener into a false sense of comfort. It's a real thrill when he pulls the rug out from underneath you with a shocking change of moods. As the track continues to bounce between these alternate universes, it starts to feel more and more natural, with beauty and danger perfectly merged into one. It's a bold and innovative piece of music from a visionary young producer.

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