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Motherly Jet’s debut single is a futuristic disco satire

Ezra Salmine, the artist behind the Motherly Jet moniker, has spent his young lifetime rebelling against the authoritarian nature of modern America. Since turning to music as an escape from his religious upbringing, he has gone on to tour the country, relocate to Nashville, and develop a disco infused indie pop sound all his own. His debut single is the sound of a confident young artist stepping into the spotlight.

With its swirling synths and hypnotic beat, ‘Bad Americans’ is so listenable that you might almost miss its comically self deprecating lyrics.

“The girls will all become nuns, the boys are out playing with guns,” Ezra sings in one of the song’s many memorable lines. Never preachy or grandiose, ‘Bad Americans’ simply basks in the absurdity of modern times. It is the perfect introduction to an artist with a refreshing take on what it means to be an artist in 2020.

Check out Motherly Jet on FB and IG @MotherlyJet

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