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Morris Northcutt's 'All Is Waiting' is the Sublime Trumpet Performance You Didn't Know You Needed

For audiences used to constant entertainment and distraction, taking a few minutes of your life to focus solely on a solo trumpet performance might sound like a daunting task. For those who are open to it, however, Morris Northcutt's 'All Is Waiting' is an incredibly rewarding listen. With elements of classical, jazz, and the great American songbook all woven into a single composition, is melody constantly shifts and warps into exciting new shapes and textures. If you close your eyes while you listen, it is almost impossible not to get swept away.

All Is Waiting’ was composed specifically for Northcutt by Nicole Piunno. “Morris asked for an unaccompanied solo that was reflective and humble,” the composer explains. “It gave me permission to write in a simple, yet beautiful way that allowed the timbre of the trumpet to be the main focus.” Northcutt proves to be the perfect performer to bring this piece to life. While his tone is pristine and his phrasing immaculate, the real beauty of the piece is in the unspoken emotion that permeates every note. ‘All Is Waiting’ has the power of a prayer, calling us to slow down and remember to take care of ourselves and our neighbors as we wait for better times.

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