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Memph’Eks Debuts In Style With ‘Loyalty’ Featuring HeadKrack

Memph’Eks has spent the last few years establishing himself as the poet laureate of his native Memphis. As a devoted student of classic era hip hop, his lyrical prowess has him set up to be the next great talent to emerge from The Bluff. His debut single, and its accompanying comic book, prove that the hype is justified.

Memph’Eks, real name Xavier Williamson, has seen some truly gruesome things in his life. ‘Loyalty’ is a song that reveals how togetherness can help people come together to overcome the struggles of the past. Beneath the bravado, there is a warm sentiment of optimism, revealing Xavier to be a storyteller capable of expressing a wide range of emotions. Add in a memorable feature from Dallas star HeadKrack, and you’ve got an incredibly impressive debut single.

In addition to his music, Memph’Eks is an avid comic book fan. His newest graphic novel, co-written by his label mates and the President of The Moragne Group, hits stores September 25, 2020.

‘Loyalty’ is available everywhere now

Keep up with Memp'Eks on Instagram @mempheks

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