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Maxime - The Honest Me P1

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

French musician Maxime writes open hearted songs that envelop listeners with soaring melodies and sweeping instrumentals. Born into a musical theatre family in Paris, the young artist's vision is cinematic in scope, blending the intimacy of folky pop music with classical grandeur. His new album, 'The Honest Me P1,' is a deeply personal set of stories that will touch the hearts of any open minded listener.

Maxime introduces himself with the gently percussive opening of 'Is This Love.' As a string enhanced soundscape grows around him, he slowly reveals the depth of his ability as a composer and songwriter. In 'WTTW,' he goes on to address modern anxieties. singing "Look down to your screen where it's all about you," his voice thoroughly engaging and emotional. His storytelling is so immediate that it almost feels like he's talking directly to you.

The album's highlight comes with the dark and moody 'Damned.' A brooding piano sets the scene with eerie minor chords before building into a cathartic chorus. "I will be damned if I can't change my fortune," he sings, voice brimming with power. As the song comes to a close, there can be no doubting Maxime's dedication to his performance.

Over the course of its seven tracks, 'The Honest Me P1' proves to be an album worth repeated re-listens. It is sure to appeal to fans of cinematic rock, musical theatre, and indie folk. For more information about Maxime, check out:


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