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Mark Henes - Strip Me Down

"Strip Me Down" is a glorious anomaly in Mark Henes' catalog. While the Nashville singer/songwriter has made a name for himself around town with a sound that channels gritty blues rock and country, this one is a high energy pop punk anthem that wouldn't sound out of place in the golden years of the Warped Tour.

Henes comes out swinging, introducing a memorable hook in the opening seconds. Over a wall of power chords he sings in short but passionate bursts. "How do you have the nerve to walk around the way you do," he asks with confrontational defiance. Simple and direct, he conveys the message with the authority of an experienced performer.

Henes is clearly the type of artist who is willing to follow his muse to unconventional places. With new music scheduled for release in 2020, he is definitely someone to keep your eye on.

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