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Lolitas Lovers Announce Debut EP ‘Big Fuss’

A kaleidoscope of fuzzed out pop and art rock, ‘Big Fuss’ is an impressive debut from an incredibly promising studio project.

A collaboration between producer ErikK and singer/songwriter/guitarist Vincent Sr., Lolitas Lovers create compelling, genre-hopping music that emphasizes the relationship between humans and nature. Their new release encapsulates everything that makes this duo special.

Opening track ‘MmmEeeZzzz’ sets the stage with a shoegaze inspired soundscape. With its jangly guitars and aching vocals, it serves as a perfect introduction. Next is ‘OUT OF THINKING,’ a dreamy, harmony laden track that is impossible not to get lost in.

The EP’s highlight comes with ‘YELLOW SPARKS.’ A dark pulsating groove marches on before giving way to constantly evolving layers of rhythm, all tied together by Vincent Sr.’s memorable vocal performance. Closing track ‘BREAKFAST’ brings the EP to its peaceful conclusion, inviting listeners to start over from the beginning. ‘Big Fuss’ is a nostalgic, romantic, and moving listen that will appeal to a wide array of indie music fans.

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