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Jill Desiree Announces Debut EP ‘Cover Story’

The Australian born, Indonesian raised singer brings a fresh, global perspective to vintage R&B and soul.

A devout student of legendary vocalists like Chaka Khan and Aretha Franklin, Jill Desiree sings undeniable wisdom and passion. On her debut album, she pays tribute to her heroes while pushing the genre into bold new territory. The result is an adventurous EP that shines a spotlight on a dynamic emerging talent.

‘Cover Story’ opens with an evocative cover of Sting’s ‘Shape Of My Heart.’ With its meandering rhythms and largely improvised woodwinds performed by Katisse Buckingham, the track is an ideal introduction to Jill’s philosophy.

“Improvised music allows each player to express themselves,” she explains. “The goal is to create a musical conversation within the context of popular songs.”

Along with her all-star cast of accompanists, she applies this strategy brilliantly to compositions by icons like Stevie Wonder to lesser known but equally deserving talents like Raul Midon. Jill’s versatility as a vocalist allows her to fully inhabit these songs, breathing new life into classics and revealing herself as an exceptionally promising new artist.

‘Cover Story’ is available everywhere May 1, 2021



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