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Jeffrey McCullough - No Tomorrow


The Nashville rocker continues to keep the spirit of alt rock alive

Since emerging onto the Nashville alt rock scene last year, Jeffrey McCullough has stood out from the crowd with his heart on sleeve passion, establishing himself as a modern day everyman hero. Mixing his love of grunge with wide open heartland rock, he reinvents his favorite genres in his own image, giving him a sound that is both nostalgic and full of hope for the future of rock’n’roll. His latest single continues his mission to reintroduce alt rock into the American mainstream.

Rock music is at its best when it directly confronts life’s struggles and turns them into something cathartic and uniting. This magic trick has launched countless careers, and there is no modern artist better at it than Jeffrey McCullough. He stares down the bleakness of the future, holding nothing back as he expresses his angst. His voice is laid completely bare, showing the bruises of a long life while maintaining the essential hope that better times are around the corner.

“It won’t be long until I find my way into your heart,” he sings. The honesty of the lyric is enough to stand alone, but it seems to have layers of meaning hidden in the harshness of his delivery. Whatever mistakes have been made, the singer seems to believe in the power of redemption and forgiveness, acknowledging the past and trying to be better because of it. This lamentation is made clear in the plain spoken chorus, “I was living life like there’s no tomorrow”

Given the tumultuous state of the world today, it’s no surprise that this particular brand of alt rock is making a comeback. Jeffrey is tapping into that energy perfectly with his heavy guitar hooks and powerful voice. ‘No Tomorrow’ is exactly the type of song that can reawaken the public’s dormant love for the genre.

Since signing to Celebration Records, a label known for elevating top quality songwriters, Jeffrey’s career has been steadily gaining momentum. With a new EP on the way, it is only a matter of time before he finds a place in the heart of rock music lovers all over.

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