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Jamndaciti Pushes Hip Hop Into Bold New Territory With B4 Suh-mer EnDs

Jamndaciti has spent the last few years establishing himself as one of the most promising up and comers in the Virginia hip hop scene, effortlessly merging laid back jazz influences with progressive hip hop and establishing a style unlike anything else. Now, with the release of the seven track ‘B4 Suh-mer EnDs,’ he is proving he is ready to fully realize his potential as an artist.

Jam sets the album’s tone perfectly with the introspective opener ‘Reflections.’ “What you trying to teach me, can you tell me what’s the lesson,” he raps over a laidback groove. With memorable hooks and Jam’s one of a kind vocal delivery, it should immediately grab the attention of listeners. Next up is ‘Drop Low,’ an infectious dance anthem that reveals an entirely different side of Jam’s personality.

What makes Jam such an exciting talent is his ability to express wildly different feelings from track to track, creating different moods and letting listeners into his mind. This is best exemplified on standout track ‘Somewhere Special.’ Jam adopts an R&B croon filled with romance and conviction.

Jam’s mastery of the craft is evident on every track, right down to the closing moments of ‘Reflections PT. II.’ Fans of adventurous hip hop, soul, and pop will plenty to love about Jamndaciti.

‘B4 Suh-mer EnDs’ is available everywhere Sept. 18, 2020

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