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HoneyB - Escúchame

'Escúchame,' the first single from HoneyB, is a master class in blending Latin style pop with modern hip hop. Bursting with charisma and self confidence, HoneyB takes the listener on an emotional journey. Starting with the admission of "looking in the mirror and seeing a girl who didn't love herself," she quickly transforms that self doubt into an empowering anthem of hope.

One of the keys to HoneyB's appeal is her multilingual approach to songwriting. While HoneyB is not the first to rap and sing in different languages on the same track, she is one of the best doing it today. She is clearly aiming to reach a broad and diverse audience, and it looks as though she will succeed. It is rare to see an artist so fully formed, so early in her career.

"You are perfection," she sings convincingly, just as the song reaches a crescendo, propelled by her featherlight vocal virtuosity. It is easy to believe HoneyB's words when sung with such conviction. Her career is still young, but she is proving herself as an artist you can believe in.

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