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Heathensun Releases New Album ‘Gang’

They have cemented their status as nu-metal icons on their thrilling new album.

Check out our exclusive interview below!

Heathensun has been carrying the torch for a new generation of nu-metal artists for years, winning over a devoted fanbase in the process. On their latest album, they showcase the furious guitar riffs, impassioned vocals, and unforgettable hooks that have made them one of the most acclaimed bands in their genre.

Opening track ‘Make’ sets the stage perfectly. A wall of crushing guitars combines with a twitchy rhythm, giving way to a hip-hop influenced lead vocal that announces the band’s intentions. The track continuously evolves, with each member showcasing exceptional skills on their respective instruments.

They bring in guest performers for the next two tracks, ‘Hate’ and ‘Heat.’ Hatebox and Shaloin G make ideal collaborators, bringing the bands signature sound to new heights. Album highlight ‘Fade’ brings in Tia Mayhem, while ‘Lost’ finds the group showcasing their inimitable chemistry and deeply personal lyrical style. The title track ends the album with style and swagger, bringing the journey to a righteous finale.

Heathensun encapsulates everything great about nu-metal. And while they are clearly indebted to their heroes, they bring the genre into bold modern territory. This is an album that will resonate with any fans of heavy rock music.


1: Can you talk a little bit about the inspiration behind these songs? How do expect audiences to react when you perform them live?

Life…living life… trying to find a correlation. The inspiration behind these songs are what we and most people deal with on a daily basis. Times are bad, it seems more often than not lately, but hey, it is what it is. We don’t expect nothing from no one, but we do hope that you react the way you do when life happens. If you wanna smoke, drink and just chill then do it. If you wanna act like Johnny does, which is basically a fool, then the front row is for you.

2: You’re clearly influenced by many different styles of music, rock and otherwise. Can you list a few of your heroes and talk about how they’ve inspired your musicianship?

There has been so many….ummm. Wu-Tang, System of a Down, Kesha, Public Enemy. Anyone who can put that much truth, emotion, and power into their music; yet be so different from everyone else. From stage show to album, you will be entertained, and, maybe feel a lil feels in the process.

3: Who is your dream collaborator, dead or alive?

Definitely everyone from the heroes list as far as music goes. Don’t want to give you a cheap answer, but there are so many musicians, producers, directors, movie stars that would be amazing to work with or have worked with. Whether it be videos, music, movies, games, anything you can think of. Heathensun is a firm believer that we can do it all no matter the stage.

4: What is the ultimate message you would like to share with your fans through music?

Don’t be like Johnny! Just kidding. Johnny’s aight. Just be happy. Johnny’s lyrics are his way of reliving stress and getting to a happy place. If you like to play games, hike, eat, watch tv, go to the mall, wrestle, spend time with your kids, hang out with your girl, what ever makes you happy. Do it. You only get one and if you’re able to tell stories after this one. Wouldn’t you rather tell them with a smile on your face?

5: Anything else you’d like to add?

Just want to thank everyone who took the time, showed interest, helped out, listens, or even just listened to one song. Everyone who reads this, talks about this, or even just mentions it. We know where we stand and we couldn’t do it or have done anything without help. Oh, almost forgot. Wanna send a big shout out to the haters…you know who you are.

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