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Getting To Know Austrian Rock Phenoms Shredded Bulbs

The Austrian band Shredded Bulbs has created one of the most unique rock inspired sounds we at JW have heard this year. We asked them a few questions to better understand what keeps them motivated as they continue to grow in popularity.

JW: - Shredded Bulbs merges many different genres. Can you talk about how you were inspired to create such a unique sound?


We were born & raised with rock music, it’s kind of our DNA. Within this new project we wanted to expand our way of song writing, inspired by the inexhaustible possibilities of electronic sounds. While exploring it turned out that we love to combine various styles, working with memorable chorus lines and guitar licks, powerful drumming but also soft electronic beats. No matter if a song idea is created jointly in a jam session, or started by a chorus hook-line, or a programmed synth line, we simply combine all peaces of puzzles to create at the and a genuine sound, memorable as shredded bulbs.


our roots, our nature is definitely in rock music. But we just love music of all genres and it's just so much fun for us to let all these directions flow into our unique music project. We love the power, the impact and directness of rock music, but electronics also offer a lot of these qualities. And pop and all these mainstream directions keep these catchy melodies that you can't get out of your head. In any case, our drive and passion is to develop an independent sound in order to leave a surprising and inspiring impression on our listeners.

JW: - Tell us a little bit about the music scene where you are based?


In Austria, there’s a broad audience for local, native language austro-pop and folk music, while for rock and alternative scene there’s only a kind of niche. However, we have a lot of good musicians and bands around …


Austria is a small country and therefore has a low density of international modern music. There are one or two radios apart from format radio which play alternative, pop and rock. However, for a way abroad there is no way around it.

JW: - How has the chaos of the past few years affected you as artists and as individuals?


Well, we started the bulbs project just before the pandemic! Our first singles & videos were published End of 2020, planning to kick-off in 2021, playing live-shows and let the bulbs grow, expecting that the music industry is coming back to some normality which was not the case. So we changed the plan, concentrated us on writing new stuff which will be now released and should bring us back on stage in 2022.


Everything turned out differently than expected. But it gave us time to work hard on our new songs. there were a lot of changes in the world that could be observed. Some were frightening and others have shown what positive changes people can bring about. definitely a good time for songwriting.

JW: - What is the core message you’d like to share with your audience through music?

Music is a passion, it’s our passion and we love to write songs and spread it out to the world. The light and the warmth from the electric bulbs shall entertain people, motivate them to live, dance, laugh, love. Further, there is always something to fight for, to go for, to aim at – be strong, believe in yourself, use your talents and you will be successful


Music is more than any language can express. It reflects the diversity of our human existence and reflects the deepest longings of our lives. Music should stimulate, stir us up, make us laugh and tempt us to dance, but it should definitely connect us. this music is a part of us and we share it with you to have a good time in your life.

JW: - Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?


Let’s quote our latest chorus line: Together – we are like a waterfall. Follow us on our music / social media channels and support in spreading the bulb’s vibes to your communities.


Keep an eye out for our new single waterfall in April, follow us on our social media platforms and we're excited to finally be playing live on stage again. See you soon!

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