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Five Questions With Hip-Hop Phenom Lonnie Dangerous

Lonnie Dangerous has proven himself to be one of the most promising young talents in Hollywood. Having spent the last few years thriving as a comedian, actor, and musician, he has caught the attention of the entertainment industry, and set himself up for a prolific career. We sat down with him to discuss his stellar new album, 'Ambitionz Az A Writer Part 3: The Album,' as well as his big plans for the future.

JW: How has your work as an actor and comedian affected your music?

Lonnie: Acting helped me bring the words to life. I think when I rap it’s more theatrical, I know there’s a beat but I’m “playing” an instrument too. Comedy is something I always liked in music. I’m a comedian, so it’s an asset I have over other artists. Both add to the Lonnie Dangerous sound to make it unique.

JW: You’ve embraced a wide variety of styles on this album. What artists/albums were you influenced by during the recording process?

Lonnie: I was stuck on capturing my version of Thriller, All Eyes On Me, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Illmatic, and Life After Death. Plus Nate Dogg!

JW: What is the main message you’re trying to send with your music?

Lonnie: The mission statement is... "Dangerously timeless fun and evolution of culture."

I hope that my music sends a message of love and hope, while having a good time.

JW: How has quarantine affected your creativity?

Lonnie: I started this album days before the first lockdown, it stressed me and gave me high anxiety. It’s all in the album. I said, "I was barely holding on before the pandemic...”. I had to change the idea of the album. Previously, I was going to call in a bunch of comedians, and add family members. I readjusted to keep everyone safe and used a lot of emails. I wore masks and gloves everywhere.

JW: Any big plans for 2021?

Lonnie: The Album drops Valentine’s Day, some music videos in the works. Make sure you follow Lonnie Dangerous on everything to get the newest latest. Lastly I’d like to thank everyone that helped with making the album. The Dangerous Family... Indecent The Slapmaster, Fat Rob, David Pena, Michael Lee, Jada Dale, Cali Beats, Black Water Kaos, H L Star, and CobiMixedThat, it was like working with all-stars. They made me look good and I appreciate it. Salute!

Lonnie's album drops Feb. 14, 2021. For more info, follow him on social media @LonnieDangerous

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