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Five Questions With Crypto-Music Pioneer Lio Mori

With his new album 'Egyperces Dalok,' Lio Mori is pushing music into bold new territory. Incorporating sounds from every corner of the world with groundbreaking blockchain technology, he is one of the artists who are helping to shape the future of the music industry. We've asked him five questions to better understand his creative process, his inspirations, and the exciting relationship between musicians and blockchain.

  1. This record is clearly influenced by a wide variety of styles from around the world. Can you talk a little bit about what inspired you while you were composing these tracks?

For each song on this album I've chosen a word, used it as title for the song, and tried to represent it the best I could with music and sounds. I challenged myself to keep each song under the 1 minute mark. That’s the reason for the album title; “Egyperces Dalok,’ which means “one minute song” in Hungarian.

2. How have NFT’s and blockchain in general influenced you as an artist?

The NFTs gave me a framework that allows me to think about music from a totally new approach. A song is not just music anymore. It can be a photo with sound, a book, or a video. A song can incorporate images, a poem and much more. Before NFTs, a musician had the videoclip to explore those realms, but it was very hard to monetize it and most musician weren't able to spend money on them. Blockchains are the technology that allows this all to exist.

3. What major changes do you anticipate seeing in the music world, and how are you planning to adapt?

It’s very hard to anticipate changes in the music, or any other world for that matter. But, being willing to switch your mindset and adopt new technologies and paradigms is, as I see it, the best way to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

4. You’ve done a lot of traveling. How has that affected your music?

Traveling is essential to me as an artist and as a person. Being able to know other cultures, realities, musics, customs, and languages is what feeds me and inspires me to create music.

5. Anything else you’d like to share?

Be just fucking happy! It's a choice.


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