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Darshae Kiér - Halasana Girl

Since bursting onto the scene with his hit single 'Translation,' Darshae Kiér has been building his audience with his lively pop infused reggateon. His latest single 'Halasana Girl' picks right up where its predecessor left off, with an instantly lovable and slyly suggestive dance number.

With its warm summer vibes, 'Halasna Girl' is the perfect song to lift you out of the winter doldrums and inspire you to get to the nearest dance floor. The tropical beat is propulsive and uplifting, allowing Darshae to deliver a seductive hook with his soulful croon. A lovingly crafted cocktail of rhythm, reggae, and good vibes, the latest from this up and coming star is sure to bring a smile to your face. Highly recommended for fans of reggaeton, pop, and dance music.

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