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Darrick Lucas Bids Farewell To a Year No One Will Remember Fondly

“Last year is dead to me now,” Darrick Lucas sings in the opening lines of his newest song. It’s a sentiment we can all relate to. But as for what’s left to look forward to? That’s a different question entirely. For Lucas, salvation seems to come in the little things. In this case, “Cold Pizza and Beer.”

“Cold Pizza and Beer” is an attempt to turn the page and celebrate the beginning of a long awaited new year. Over an instrumental that would fit right in on 70’s FM radio, Darrick sings longingly of what the future could be like.

“Let’s break out the champagne, we can burn this mother down,” he croons, each point punctuated by a crystal clean jazz guitar lead. While the melancholy of 2020 is unavoidable, Darrick and his all star band manage to transform it into a head bobbing anthem for new beginnings. At its core, ‘Cold Pizza and Beer’ is a reminder to search for joy wherever you can find it while you wait for better days to come.

Cold Pizza and Beer’ is available everywhere now

For more about Darrick:


Facebook: @darricklucasmusic

Instagram: @darricklucasmusic

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