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Daddy J - Y.A.T.O

Born on the island of Trinidad, and currently living in Tobago, Daddy J has been steadily establishing himself with a unique brand of breezy Caribbean pop. On his soon to be released single, 'Y.A.T.O', he takes his first foray into the R&B genre, expanding his palette into something entirely new.

'Y.A.T.O' introduces itself with a warm yet propulsive beat, providing the perfect backdrop for the main attraction - Daddy J's soulful voice. His vocal performance is tight and rhythmic, showing his hip hop influence as well as his love for the Soca music that is ubiquitous in the Caribbean. His melodic gifts are on full display with an instantly memorable chorus that will stick in listener's heads for days.

'Y.A.T.O' is everything you want from a modern pop song, with just enough unique flourishes to stand out from the crowd. If this new direction is any indication, Daddy J will soon be gaining a lot of new fans.

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