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Brad Thorn - Dreamer

Southern Indiana Singer/Songwriter carries on the spirit of classic 70's troubadours with heartfelt songs that conjure images of wide open spaces. On 'Dreamer,' a standout track from his 2019 album 'Insight,' Thorn evokes old southern imagery with a heart rending vocal melody.

Storytelling is at the heart of Thorn's craft. On 'Dreamer,' the young woman he sings about is a perfect representation of the characters that inhabit his world. "One way or another, she's gonna make her way," Thorn sings, the conviction in his voice clearly portraying a feeling of triumph in the face of endless adversity.

Thorn's guitar playing, reminiscent of early David Gilmour and Neil Young, takes the track to a new level. He handles the instrument with sensitivity and purpose, playing just enough notes to paint a picture that supports his story. As the last notes of the outro solo fade out, it feels as if you've been on an emotional journey, worthy of being taken again and again.

"Insight" is available everywhere now:

Brad Thorn - Insight

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