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Bennett Coleman’s Gifts Are On Full Display On ‘Nothing To Do With Me’

The latest from the Charleston, SC based songwriter gives classic Americana rock a soulful R&B Twist.

Bennett Coleman has one of those rare ‘stop what you’re doing and listen’ voices. He’s spent the past several years on the road, opening for A-listers including Carrie Underwood and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Now, with the release of his most compelling single to date, he is poised to finally receive the recognition he deserves as a solo artist.

‘Nothing To Do With Me’ is pure Americana magic. Combining diary-style lyrics with swaggering electric guitar leads, Bennett turns his personal experiences into a radio-ready anthem with near universal appeal. If ‘Nothing To Do With Me’ is any indication, Bennett Coleman will be a fixture in Americana rock for years to come.

Check out 'Nothing To Do With Me' on Spotify

Follow Bennett on IG @BennettWColeman

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