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Andres Javier - Reckless EP

New York City Singer/Songwriter and producer Andres Javier effortlessly hops from genre to genre, taking elements of hip hop, reggae, and pop and synthesizing them into a futuristic sound all his own. With his new EP, 'Reckless,' he delivers a funk infused collection of danceable songs, showing his gritty versatility on every track.

On opening track 'The Function,' Javier pays homage to Bob Marley with an exuberant reggae number. His passionate rhythmic vocal style gives the song a unique edge as a dancehall party erupts behind him, fueled by an irresistible slap bassline.

Next, Andres slows things down on the laid back 'Trouble." With its booming horn section, 'Trouble' channels classic R&B as Javier sings an instantly catchy hook. This leads into album highlight 'New York City,' an unforgettable ode to the artist's home city. The enormous backing vocals give the track a cinematic grandeur as a soaring electric guitar solo takes it to a new level.

By the closing groove of 'Show Me,' it's clear that Andres is an artist with a unique gift for blending musical styles into something truly individual. These four tracks demand attention, and have enough depth and detail to reward several re-listens. Recommended for fans of uplifting danceable pop fusion.

For more info: "Reckless"

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