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Alpha Cat - Mockingbird

It is increasingly difficult to find guitar based music that is truly innovative in 2019. Enter Alpha Cat, the moniker of singer/songwriter Elizabeth McCullough. With dizzying virtuosity balanced out by a soothing sense of melody, she synthesizes 70 years worth of pop music into a forward thinking, highly expressive style all her own. Her latest single, 'Mockingbird,' showcases everything she does best.

A self described "dreamy ode to individuality," Mockingbird opens with a whirl of overlapping guitars that set the stage for the song's emotional conundrum, which is summed up in the chorus- "Be yourself or be loved." While McCullough never offers an easy solution, her soul stirring melodies offer a bit of catharsis for those struggling with self acceptance in a world full of judgement.

For a certain strand of thoughtful, introspective music fan, Alpha Cat is a diamond in the rough waiting to be discovered. With a few more releases of this caliber, a lot of people will be discovering her soon.

Alpha Cat - Mockingbird

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