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Afrourbanplugg Releases Stunning EP ‘Vibranium’

The visionary Afro-New Wave artist’s latest brings his vivid inner world to life, with hypnotic rhythms, psychedelic atmospheres, and most importantly, a fearless sense of self.

Since coining the phrase ‘Afro-New Wave,’ Afrourbanplugg has been steadily gaining momentum, building up an impressive discography of tracks that live up to his lofty ambitions. On his latest release, he has taken a major step forward, fully realizing his potential on six mesmerizing tracks.

Opening track ‘New Wave Daddy’ serves as a perfect introduction to the inner workings of the artist’s mind. A dark and moody backdrop allows for he and collaborator Mindtigallo to seamlessly incorporate their hip-hop influences. Next is the title track, which blends traditional African percussion with new age soundscapes to terrific effect.

Other tracks include ‘Heartical Vibe,’ ‘Pretty Bounce,’ and ‘Quality Rii Vibes,’ each one expanding the artist’s sonic pallet. Contributions from cassiano Jr, Erby, Demzy Kush, and Dom Toffy ensure that the album never remains static and is a constantly evolving collaborative effort.

An album highlight arrives with ‘Gangsta Mama,’ a sensual and romantic production that will challenge listeners’ perceptions while still inspiring them to move their bodies. Each of these six tracks takes on a life of its own, allowing Afrourbanplugg and his fellow artists to confidently create new worlds of music. ‘Vibranium’ is an album capable of altering the course of modern African music.

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