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A Songwriter’s Quest To Raise Money For a Beloved Brewton Institution

For the people of Brewton, AL, Drexell and Honeybee’s is more than just a top-notch soul food restaurant. It is a place that embodies the spirit of charity and togetherness that defines the community. And while the events of 2020 have threatened the restaurant’s financial situation, songwriter Maximiliano Nealon is on a mission to raise funds and keep Drexell and Honeybee’s going strong.

‘I Was Hungry (and You Fed Me)’ is a moving tribute to a restaurant that has touched many people’s lives. Their donation only policy has made them a safe haven for those in need for many years. With that in mind, Nealon wanted to use his music to show what makes them so special.

“It’s just a wonderful restaurant,” the songwriter says. “They have made it their life mission to feed the hungry and everyone needs to know about their good work.”

Owners Lisa and Freddie Thomas-McMillan have enthusiastically embraced the song. As passionate music lovers themselves, they see it as a unique opportunity to raise awareness of their mission. Feeding the needy is a higher calling for them, and they have been humbled by the support they have received over the past year. With help from their loving customers, they are looking forward to providing the community with hot meals for a long time to come.

For just a one dollar contribution, you can download ‘I Was Hungry (and You Fed Me)’

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