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A Meditative Experience From Dan Blanchard

Dan Blanchard’s new album ‘Afternoon Ambience’ is an expansive piece of world music that will be equally appealing to devoted fans of the genre and those who have never heard a rāga in their life. A longtime student of Indian classical music, Blanchard has infused the style with his own personal style to create a transformative listening experience.

The composer describes Afternoon Ambience as a “lush soundscape for relaxation and rejuvenation.” To achieve this effect, he and his collaborators perform on a series of traditional instruments including the santoor, tabla, and tanpura, among others. By blending these with the cello and ambient guitar, Blanchard and his accompanying musicians create a sound that merges east and west, paying homage to ancient traditions while also taking the genre to new places.

For listeners who are willing to unplug and lose themselves in Blanchard’s compositions, the rewards are immense. This music has a unique healing quality, offering a sense of peace that many are in desperate need of. Afternoon Ambience grants a sense of serenity that will last long after its closing notes have ceased ringing.

Afternoon Ambience is available everywhere Oct. 27

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